“Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.”
Ken Robinson



Children’s Good Deeds

In 2015 we prepared, in cooperation with Slovak Television and the production company Psyché, a 50 minute documentary film dedicated to Goodness. The film follows the lives of some of the children who have participated in the project The Children’s Deed of The Year over the past 15 years.  Through the documentary, learn their private stories, values and vision now. Some have grown up. The film also causes reflection on whether kids do good deeds much more naturally and spontaneously than adults do, as their feelings for goodness and inspiration to do good deeds are not spoiled yet. The film was broadcasted on the national channel of Slovak Television on 6 December 2015.


Sasha Broadhurst-Petrovická
Marek Kuboš
Director: Marek Kuboš
Artist: Martina Matlovičová

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Stories for Martin

7 stories/ 35 mm colour films

Combined techniques: Live Actors and Animation
Produced by Slovak Television 1994

Children love stories! This film features seven stories based around a magical wardrobe and includes the theme of found objects and recycling. Through this film, you will encounter the magic wardrobe named Gwendula Cindy. She is full of old curious things such as a skeleton key, a broken jug, an old shoe, and a torn blanket. Kids find new and original uses for these useless and forgotten things in order to give creative pleasure to themselves and improve their surroundings.

Screenplay: Sasha Broadhurst-Petrovická
Art Director: Vratsislav Hlavaty
Music: Juri Stivin
Director: Martin Hoffmeister

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Radio Show

Radio Twist/ Sasha Twistikova

For 5 years, Sasha ran a live talk show with kids from 3 to 103 years old. She absolutely loved the opportunity to share many fantastic moments talking with kids, creating stories, learning about their daily lives, wishes, hopes, dreams, and sharing laughter and creative ideas.


  • Bábkové divadlo – Paper Puppet Theatre [1991]:  author of theatre text, illustration: Jozef Gertli
  • Môj a váš svet (My and Your World) [1994]: editor, author: I. Semjanova, UNICEF & Bibiana
  • Branching Out [1998]: illustrator, co-editor with Ms D. Sliukova, UNICEF
  • Všetky deti sú dobré I (All children are good I) [2001]: co-editor with A. Fischerova, Columbus
  • Vsetky deti sú dobré II (All children are good II) [2002]: Ibid.
  • Play Against Violence [1999]: illustrator, author:  Chrissie Tiller, the European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam
    play%20against%20violence%205 play%20against%20violence%203 play%20against%20violence%202  play%20against%20violence%204 
  • Poletíme za dúhou 2 (Follow the Rainbow 2) [2006]: author, collection of short stories by several authors, Perfect, Bratislava
  • +over 50 articles focused on education, theatre, film, art in different newspapers and magazines